Eager to get advanced protection against cybersecurity threats? CyberFortress Anti-Malware Defense System is the answer.As a fully specialized cybersecurity firm, we deliver reliable and advanced protection for your sensitive data that cannot be detected by the standard scans.

You can count upon our advanced threat detection methodology that combines classical static analysis with the contemporary dynamic behavior-based approach to achieve the most comprehensive analysis possible.

When you receive an email, our software discreetly extracts the attachments and transfers them to an isolated quarantine environment in virtual machines.

Here, we carefully emulate the desired environment and conceal our detection systems for the most accurate results to the real-life situation. Following the detonation of suspicious file(s), our proprietary algorithm we developed over the years, starts recording every action. Using thousands of pattern checks, our system performs multi-flow analysis to understand the full context of an advanced targeted attack.

Attack Map:

The data we collect allows us to draw the topography of the attack at high visibility. The fully dynamic attack map allows you to view the branches of the attack in detail and assess the danger posed to specific parts of your system.

World Map:

Monitoring the ports allows you to see where the attack is coming from and where your confidential data is planned to be transmitted to.

Radar Chart:

Finally using all the information, our AI can categorize the attack into a probabilistic Radar Chart.

Is it a Ransomware restricting access to your critical data?

Is it a Spyware silently collecting your confidential data?

Is it a Trojan establishing a backdoor to be explored by further attacks?

Or is it a hybrid attack consisting of multiple categories?

Our Promise:

Here at CyberFortress, our primary objective is to bring our clients malware defense to the highest standards. We continuously monitor the latest trends and update our products periodically. Please reach out us to discuss the specifics of our technology and our customized solutions for your business.