Because We Detect Undetectable...

Aligned with our vision to maximize the cybersecurity of our clients, we continuously monitor current threat attacks and malicious software, updating our products accordingly. To learn more about the details of our technology and discuss integration into your systems, please feel free to contact us. Your security is our top priority, and we are here to protect you in the best possible way.


Cyber Security

CyberFortress was founded in 2020 as a start-up operating in the field of cybersecurity by entrepreneurs with a quarter-century of experience in the industry. Our primary goal at CyberFortress is to provide our corporate clients in domestic and international markets with the most reliable service using domestically developed technologies.
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Why CyberFortress ?

Our cybersecurity software has been developed in line with the needs of the market and possesses a technological infrastructure that meets global standards.

Technical Superiority

97%+ success rate from 3rd party test tools puts our product in the league of global leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

Easy to Use

High emphasis to UI/UX principles allows users to navigate big data seamlessly. In addition to providing the raw data, we carefully categorise and graphically summarize our findings for the most optimal experience.

Highly Customizable

Our clients’ needs are the highest priority here at CyberFortress. We keep our product flexible so that you can run our software in the cloud or on premise, scale easily for any change in your business and even ask for deeper integration to your existing setup.