CyberFortress Technology

In the rapidly evolving digital age, the cybersecurity needs of businesses are constantly increasing. At CyberFortress, we aim to provide strong and innovative solutions to our customers in this changing and complex threat environment. Faced with new attack techniques and cybercrime groups emerging every day, businesses need to strengthen their security infrastructure and continuously update their protection strategies. In this context, with products like Malware Analyzer 360, Threat Hunter, and Network Defender, we empower our customers to defend against cyber threats.

Malware Analyzer 360

Our product, a next-generation sandbox, not only identifies the type of attacks but also comprehensively examines all aspects of cyber threats by evaluating specific systems or data components targeted by the attacks in detail. With our AI-supported algorithm, user-friendly interface, and extensive integration capabilities, we aim to lead the global market.

Threat Hunter

It can be challenging to analyze records in systems with security vulnerabilities. In such times, our product, analyzes logs from the deepest points, creates clues, performs a detailed analysis of the system's vulnerability, and outlines a roadmap.

Network Defender

Ideal for organizations looking to maximize network security, our product positions itself between traditional network security tools and end-users. It provides comprehensive protection against hidden threats in internet traffic, capturing instant threats. With its ability to make quick decisions, it evaluates suspicious situations and intervenes in the system when necessary.